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What you really need is a Beekeeping Mentor!!! Welcome Beginner Beekeepers....

The #1 Question New Beekeepers Ask - Why did My Bees Die??  

Grow confident, successful Beekeepers
who manage Healthy, Productive Honey Bees
and To Eliminate Bee Colony Losses.....
If you love the amazing world of Beekeeping, and want to know how best to nurture them, grow them, and most of all - learn to keep them alive through the winter...
You Need a Bee Coach!!

Meet Dr. Jennifer Short
Better than a Master Beekeeper...
A Bee Doctor!!  
Ready to be your Beekeeping Mentor for success!!

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

25 Years of Production Animal Private Practice

Taught at Texas A&M and Colorado State University

Exclusive Apiarist and Honey Bee Specialist

With an extensive background in animal agriculture as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a specialist in Honey Bee study for the last 6 years I've dedicated my career to helping  agricultural caretakers provide the best care for their animals.  My goal is to help you be successful.  Success means healthy bees.  We focus on taking the vast stores of scientific information out in the public domain and condensing it down to what is solid science that applies in your circumstances as a beginning beekeeper.  We remove the myth and old wives tales behind beginning beekeeping and get you information that you can use to keep your bees healthy, and more importantly - get them to live through the winter!!



It was another awesome day in the West Sound teaching apiary. Thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain. Your online student's have a rare opportunity to learn from a very practical and knowledgeable beekeeper.

- David Leger
                                     West Sound Beekeepers Assn.

Our Memberships and Training Opportunities

Bee Bootcamp is a great starting point for beginner beekeepers, but also takes care of 1st and 2nd years who need to start moving forward in adapting their own process and methodology for their craft. Included are monthly class sessions via zoom, a group thread for peer feedback and support, and the links and resources page. Additionally, we are doing 2 Open Field Days for hands on training for all members.

 Bee Buddy level gets you access to all of the Bee Bootcamp benefits, PLUS….an additional monthly group zoom meeting on case studies in disease and swarm management, local map access of equipment/supply providers (and substantial club discounts), and additional tips/hints/clues to better beekeeping for advanced bee work to eliminate areas that we all struggle with.  

Ok, we’re right where you are….addicted to honey bees and all the amazing ways they work, how they communicate and what makes them so special.  So you want a deeper dive, and drill down on what makes them tick, how to solve really tough problems unique to your circumstances, and rock your operation as a major healthy bee center.  Includes access to all content, as well as veterinary email communication on demand for consulting and video inspection support.  

All of our courses are offered through the membership levels above - buy the level and get access to all the courses you can ever need!!  READ MORE>>

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Why Choose us

Well how’s your journey going??  Maybe you’ve heard or read the blogs, posts and newsletters with the line “beekeepers usually fail the first year”, and “you don’t get any honey from a new nuc colony”, and what about the one that says “you only need to feed them during a dearth”…..but no one tells you when or what the dearth is??!!!    Here we understand that there’s a ton of “myth” and old wives tales out there - too much info for a beginner beekeeper.  We will help you navigate the realities of how bees need to be taken care of….in real time, not a “try again next year” philosophy.  Real solutions, in real time, without sifting through a mountain of “maybe this will work” posts.  We have answers for you that will help you to be successful, and more confident as a beginner beekeeper no matter what level you’re at.  

Veterinary level expertise, college level teaching experience, and 1000’s of bee box inspections deliver real solutions that meet you where you are, - no matter where that is!!! 

So if you're as tired as I am of scrolling through snarky posts.....HIT THE BUTTON!!  


We've already been through all the literature, youtube videos, and blogs.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel by spending your valuable time doing the same thing.  Instead you should be out enjoying your bees!!! The amazing journey of discovery is right around the corner!


In today's market every colony lost  is costing you more than $200.  Add up replacement costs, pick-up and reinstallation, feeding costs and you've paid 2-3 times the cost of this educational program.  And that's if you only lose one colony.


What's your peace of mind worth?  You don't have to be sad every spring that the bee boxes are empty or even worse, filled with dead bees!!  Why "start over" every year when there's a path without trauma, and we can get you there!!  Come see what it's like to have fun with your bees!!! 



No, actually it's the workers who determine how many eggs get laid, who eats and who doesn't and when they should swarm and where they'll go!!!

Technically, as a medical professional I can tell you there's no such thing as "treatment free".  You may manage your bees "chemical free", but even feeding is a treatment for starvation.  So if you get a minor cut on your finger, you apply a bandage, although you might not put on antibiotic cream or wash it out with hydrogen peroxide, you're still managing the wound with a covering.  Manipulating colonies for their benefit is the same thing.  There are plenty of ways we manage the bees without chemicals, but we're still changing their environment for their benefit - we are animal caretakers and we should do that as a minimum no matter what our individual philosophies are about chemicals.

The regulatory agencies that control food quality (FDA), do not have a category for "organic" honey.  The bees are not controlled as other livestock are in pens and confinement areas where they're feeds can be monitored and controlled to only allow them to consume "organic certified feed" and live in an environment where there are no adverse chemical residues that can contaminate the food produced from them.  A honey bee will fly miles for a meal and along the way you have no idea where they go or where they might stop.  Anyone in their path could be treating a yard or garden with chemicals and you wouldn't know it.  Even in minute amounts those chemicals are contaminants to the food called honey.   So no organic honey here in the U.S.

A dearth is any time of the "bee season" that there isn't any resources in their area for them to collect - sometimes that's the carbohydrate component or nectar, and sometimes that's the protein portion of their needs in the form of pollen.  That's why sometimes you'll hear that "we're in a nectar dearth" or a "pollen dearth".  Sometimes they occur independently and sometimes together (especially in the fall when nothing is blooming).  Even if there are flowers blooming sometimes if it's dry enough the plants aren't putting nectar in the flowers to attract pollinators and they still are not getting what they need and the beekeeper needs to feed them.

Absolutely.  We can modify your membership level at anytime that you're feeling ambitious and want even more bee learning.  It's just a matter of contacting support and they'll manage your changes in record time!!

Want more answers??  There's always more help.....get on the list!!


I am beyond grateful that Jennifer has taken my daughter under her wing to mentor. Jennifer has a teaching heart and a wealth of knowledge regarding bee language. My daughter has been fascinated by bees ever since her first steps. She is beyond ecstatic for this opportunity to learn hands on with Jennifer.

- Nicole Kuehlwein