How I Came to Be A Beekeeping Mentor

An introduction to the skills and abilities I've garnered to be able to effectively guide new and even experienced beekeepers to better performance.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

25 Years of Production Animal Private Practice

Organic Diary Owner/COO 

Taught at Texas A&M and Colorado State University

Exclusive Apiarist and Honey Bee Specialist

With an extensive background in animal agriculture as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a specialist in Honey Bee study for the last 6 years I've dedicated my career to helping  agricultural caretakers provide the best care for their animals.  My goal is to help you be successful.  Success means healthy bees.  I focus on taking the vast stores of scientific information out in the public domain and condensing it down to what is solid science that applies in your circumstances as a beginning beekeeper.  I remove the myth and old wives tales behind beginning beekeeping and get you information that you can use to keep your bees healthy, and more importantly - get them through the winter alive!!

 I landed here with a tremendous interest in livestock mgmt and raising productive animals.  It's been my mission my whole life.  A small plot of land dictated that I had to condense the size of my charges to a more manageable level, and one of my children got me on the phone one day and said - "Mom, these bees are cool, like dairy in a box!!" ......and so it began!!  

I got here on the very same road you're now traveling on - I had no experience with bees, I had no one who was willing to help me ride the learning curve, and I was willing to do whatever was necessary to be a beekeeper. 

So, is that how your journey is going??  Maybe you’ve heard or read the blogs, posts and newsletters with the line “beekeepers usually fail the first year”, and “you don’t get any honey from a new colony”, and what about the one that unequivocally states, “you only need to feed them during a dearth”…..but no one tells you when or what the dearth is??!!!    I understand that there’s a ton of “myth” and old wives tales out there - too much info for a beginner beekeeper.  I'll help you navigate the realities of how bees need to be taken care of….in real time, not a “try again next year” philosophy.  Real solutions, in real time, without sifting through a mountain of “maybe this will work” posts.  I have answers for you that will help you to be successful, and more confident as a beginner beekeeper no matter what level you’re at.  

I bring to the table Veterinary level expertise, college level teaching experience, and 1000’s of bee box inspections and can deliver real solutions that meet you where you are, - no matter where that is!!!

I've already been through all the literature, YouTube videos, and blogs.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel by spending your valuable time doing the same thing.  Instead you should be out enjoying your bees!!! The amazing journey of discovery is right around the corner!

You can read all the books there are in the world - but nothing comes close to having your own Bee Mentor!!

Here is a post about our successes and one of our member's journey.....enjoy the story!!

So, if you want to stop seeing your bee colonies dwindle, let's get you in the program so you can get a mentor to get you on your way to a successful journey!!  The Road to Better Beekeeping


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